Recalac, prodotti per il trattamento delle pelli
foto gruppo

A group
full of passion

Our reason and passion are the rudder and sails of our seafaring soul. We creatively colour the material that has always been at the heart of our world: well processed leather. Freedom, determination and satisfaction can be seen here every day. We always have an eye on the future and constantly exchange ideas, working productively as a team.



foto domenico cracco

in the industry,
guided by


director, tennis fan.

foto rita zenere

“Conveying exactitude
and precision
to the entire group
every day”


director, lover of literature and shopping.

foto ugo cracco

“An expertly
finished piece of
leather is like a goal
by Roby Baggio”


director, head of the “finishing” area, football fan.

“Work means
continually looking
out at the world”


director, head of administration, literature and cycling enthusiast.

foto nicolo cracco

keeping track
of market demand”


director, head of the “wet-end” area, motorcycle enthusiast.

foto romina cattazzo

“Solving problems,
so that no one has
them except me”


sales and administration officer, crime fiction fan.

foto lara molon

“The key is precision,
which brings reliability
and trust”


administration officer, cinema and theatre lover.

foto fausto bagatella

leather with
the care of a


technician in the “wet-end” area, classical music fan.

foto pietro pretto

“Turning raw
natural materials
into an art form”


technician in the “wet-end” area, rock music fan.

foto tamara mettifogo

bringing form
and substance


quality certification and technician in the “finishing” area, literature enthusiast.